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Furniture Cleaning and Recolouring

Furniture Pride specialises in the repair, restoration and refurbishment of leather furniture and upholstery.

Our services can clean, repair, refurbish and recolour the surface of your much loved leather furniture. Bringing back the pride that you take in your furniture, and the look that you love.

The following list is not exhaustive but details some of our services offered. If you would like more information or would like to make an enquiry you can find our contact details on the contact us page.

  • Complete professional leather cleaning, which includes a full clean, treatment and protection.
  • Stain removal and treatment.
  • Recolouring of the leather to bring back the original look and feel.
  • Repair of cracked and damaged leather.
  • Leather treatment to soften the feel of dried out leather and vinyl.
  • Removal of biro and pen marks, as well as texta and permanent marker.
  • Scuff, cuts, rub marks and other damge repair.
  • Removalist damage
  • Cat scratches
  • Recolouring of faded and worn out leather colour
  • Plus many others……

If your selling your car, let us help you get the $$$ it is worth by restoring your interior to its original condition.

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